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Services Offered

With the Rambling Wrecker in Lynchburg VA, our promise is to assist you, the customer. We realize that having a mechanical failure or have problems with your car just isn’t enjoyable. We hope to make your roadside assistance experience with us as easy as possible.

  • Tow Service
  • Jump Start/Gas Delivery
  • Automobile Lockout
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Unauthorized or abandoned vehicle removal
  • On call 24/7

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Prefer to Text?  Send NEEDATOW to 26786

Prefer to Text?  Send NEEDATOW to 26786

If you’re experiencing trouble with your motor vehicle and require help, contacting us is really a great idea. We can rapidly get to where you are and then see to it that you get anyplace you have to go.

The Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg partners with qualified companies which offer towing and roadside assistance for all sorts of vehicles for a number of years. We can help those who are having problems with any type of foreign or domestic vehicles, vans or SUVs of any size. We’ll help you with your motorcycle, your RV, or any other type of transportation.

Whether you just got a new car or truck or even a vintage vehicle that’s tens of years old, we have the knowledge on getting them going or even offering the correct kind of tow truck to securely move them anyplace you d like them to be taken. Our company’s qualified mechanics have worked on numerous motor vehicles and can assist you in getting yours running swiftly.

 Trained Staff

One of the many things that makes us different is our well-trained operators. All our associates have focused, sophisticated training in working on automobiles of all kinds. Moreover, these individuals constantly upgrade their own skills to prepare themselves to be able to be of assistance to stranded car owners in getting their automobiles back on the road. They are typically also skilled in the safest as well as most useful method to use the capabilities of the tow trucks that they drive. They know that the right tow truck to transport cars they are called out on will help make sure they’re not damaged in transit. This know-how ensures our customers’ automobiles are managed appropriately.


Our policy is to be honest with our potential customers about their cars along with what it will take to transfer it exactly where it needs to go. We inform customers accurately at what time we will get to them, help them to understand that we will manage their particular car or truck as well as help to figure out how time-consuming the process will be. We offer straightforward prices as well as deliver what we promise.

Prompt Service

As soon as customers call us to tow their own personal car or truck, or ask us for roadside assistance, they can rest assured we will quickly dispatch a tow truck to where they are. Our operators’ knowledge of Lynchburg and the surrounding area means that they know the best plus simplest way to get to the car owner in hardship. People decide to call us because they know we will get there promptly and our tow truck drivers will have the specific tools, training and skills to take care of their automobiles. This process is extremely critical to us due to the fact that we recognize hanging around in the dark or in inclement weather with a car or truck that’s not running can be distressing in addition to risky.

A Variety Of Tow Trucks

Depending on the type and size of automobile a stranded motorist has, it may take a particular type of type of tow truck to securely transport it with no additional damage. A lot of providers take a one-size-fits-all process to hauling cars. Just remember this can lead to all types of unnecessary problems. We always make it the focus to dispatch the appropriate truck for the type of car or truck that needs to be towed. We have a extensive assortment of tow trucks, They include:

  • Hook and Chain Tow Trucks
  • Flatbed Tow Trucks
  • Wheel Lift Tow Trucks
  • Boom Trucks
  • Integrated Tow Trucks

All of our tow truck operators receive the education it requires to handle a winch pullout, a car or truck jumpstart and operate all types of tow trucks correctly to be certain all automobiles which they work on or move get to where they are going safely.

We Are Where You Are

As soon as you search for Towing Near Me, The Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg will be in one of the first names to pop up. This promises a lot of benefits for needy drivers. Our central location means we are able to guarantee a prompt response time. Our operators can rapidly either get the vehicle started or take it to just about any local repair garage the customer prefers. Furthermore, due to the fact that we are a hometown towing business, the short distance we take the automobile will just incur a minimal per-mile rate charge. Keep in mind that this could save you money that can go towards fixing your vehicle. Most of the people we serve are our neighbors in addition and we wish for what’s best for them. Next time you needing Towing Near Me, reach out to the RamblingWrecker – Lynchburg!

Affordable Prices

If you’re trapped on the side of the street with a street motorcycle, sports car, van or Sport utility vehicle that won’t start, the last thing you need to be concerned about is if paying for a tow truck or some roadside assistance will be more than you can afford. We offer some of the best prices for getting cars towed around the Lynchburg area. When it comes to towing, Lynchburg area locals along with the local business owners are able to trust that our fees can easily fit into their budget.

Comprehensive Tow Service 

If you and your family is stranded at any place in Lynchburg or the surrounding area and need help with towing, gas delivery or a jumpstart, the Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg is the only company you need to call. One of our highly competent, knowledgeable, tow truck operators will be there fast with the specific class of tow truck and equipment you require to get you going again, whether that is to your home or office or to any auto technician you want. If you want roadside support or towing, Lynchburg area residents should call us right away

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