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Prefer to Text?  Send NEEDATOW to 26786

Should you need a tow truck wrecker service in the Lynchburg, Virginia area, click on the reliable services of The Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg. Our partners will listen to your concerns and then respond to your towing request as quickly as possible.  We pride ourselves on providing motorists with a wide selection of reasonably priced towing services at the best prices possible in the Lynchburg, Virginia area.

When you want to be certain that your vehicle is correctly towed to where it needs to go, make sure you rely on our experienced tow truck drivers. They have the experience needed to properly deal with any of your towing needs. With our 24-hour towing services, you can quickly get the help you need. We are here for you around the clock, which means there is always someone standing by to take care of your service needs.

Regardless of whether you have a high performance luxury car, a sport utility vehicle, a food truck, or even something larger, we have the right type of equipment for the Lynchburg area towing service you need, whether you’re in Madison Heights, Timberlake, Hollins, Waynesboro, Fort Hill , or in between!

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Our Services

No matter what you drive, you want to be sure that when you have a problem that the tow truck provider coming to help you has a driver that knows what they are doing. You don’t want an unskilled person fiddling with your car when you have an dilemma that’s trapped you by the side of the expressway.

We don’t just offer towing services, we also offer many other helpful roadside services, such as accident assistance, automobile recovery, jump start, and lockout services. When you take into consideration all we do, it only makes common sense for you to contact The Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg when you are in need of emergency roadside service. Check out what we offer below.


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Emergency/Accident Assistance

If you have an auto accident, or some other emergency while behind the wheel, give us a call at The Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg, the minute it’s safe to do so. Our truck drivers will be there very quickly to help with your car or truck emergency circumstances.

If you end up in an accident, when you know you are safe from other traffic, it is best to call the appropriate authorities. However, as soon as feasible, give us a call or send us a text and we will arrive to lend a hand. Whether you need us to tow your car or van, or simply be certain you correctly document the accident, we’ll manage the whole thing for you.


Roadside Assistance

 Not remember to buy gas? Thought there was more in the tank than there was? Give us a call, we’ll get some to you. Automobile won’t start? Some other sort of dilemma or merely need some help? Text us! We have the correct tools to safely assist in getting you back moving.

Not really a member in an automobile club? We will supply you with the products and services you’re looking for each time you have to have them. This tends to lower your expenses, since you pay just for products and services as soon as they are will be necessary.


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Jump Start Your Car

One never knows when your vehicle may not start and you that you will need a professional to provide help to jumpstart it. Then, if you do need it, have you got the correct tools or skill to get it done safely?

The Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg is merely a text message away as well as they will have the right tools to manage your trouble and get you on your way. It doesn’t matter what types of motor vehicle you actually drive, we are able to manage the jump start requirements.


Lockout Services

 Inadvertently lock your truck keys inside the vehicle? Not on time for that appointment? Need to get them out fast? Stop! Certainly do not smash your window, or try any other wild ideas to get them out. In the end that will make the problem worse, and just take up more of your time.

Contact us! We have the right tools to safely help you get back on your way.


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Tire Change & Repair

Without having adequate equipment or preparation, changing a car tire can be a exhausting and complex problem. Your car is hard to lift, your truck tires tend to be unwieldy; plus it’s very important make sure just be sure you get this done without incident and correctly. We have the exact gear plus skills to deliver professional car tire changes, so allow us help!

Text us! We’ll get you back on the road fast.


Vehicle Recovery

Finding yourself in an car accident is terrifying and when that occurs, make sure you that you get somebody to pick up your vehicle that really comprehends the process and is able to complete it fast and with no side effects. Working with inexperienced tow truck driver could possibly cause you to not get the insurance benefits you are entitled to.

Call the Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg. We’ll get you taken care of promptly.

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Towing Services

Anytime you require a tow truck, you want it immediately. Our company’s professional driver operators will have everything that you need to make certain that your automobile will get exactly where it needs to safely and swiftly. We’ll be glad to tow your motor vehicle where ever you want to for it to end up.

No matter if it is a short distance or long-distance, we’re always right here and are available to advise you regarding the best towing services. All our driver operators take their time to correctly hook-up your car or van to make sure that it will be transported to the car’s destination successfully.

Contact us! All of our tow trucks are going your way.


Heavy Towing Services

At the Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg we can also haul all of your heavy motor vehicles. No matter whether it’s an over-sized Sport utility vehicle, an industrial car or truck or truck of some mass, or other big vehicle, we can easily handle it. All our professional wrecker vehicle operators will make certain everything is correctly hooked up prior to leaving the scene.

We’ll be glad to tow your car or truck where ever you want for it to end up. Regardless of whether a short distance or long-distance, we’re be here here to provide your complete towing requirements. Give us a call! We’ll take care of you.


Get In Touch

If you’re searching for a well thought-of and solid service vendor which can help with your towing service needs along with other automobile maintenace and repair problems, then turn to the Rambling Wrecker – Lynchburg. We have experienced drivers and a fleet of the best trucks in our area. Give us a call today. We’re waiting by the phone.

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Trusted Partners

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